Victor Young graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art in Sculpture and Media and went on to work in Video and Performance and finally Mask and Totem making.  A multi-media artist, Victor has been a member of Boston Performance Artists, Mobius Performing Group, and several special interest groups on the use of Computer Graphics in the Association for Computing Machinery.  His work has been shown in Japan, Germany, Brazil, and the U.S.  Past interests include the juxtaposition of autobiographical material with multi-media images, including prints, sculpture, masks, and computer generated images.  Currently he is focused almost exclusively on making masks and totems.

"I often wonder if there really is a self and if there is, what it is.  We present so many faces to the world.  Is the self that sum of the different faces we present to the different aspects of the world we encounter or is it something in and of itself that presents to the world through a series of aspects (faces)?  All I can really do is wonder.  The proof of the existence or non-existence of some independent self must be left to the psychologist.  What I have become interested in, rather immersed in, is the faces that the self takes on in its relation to the world or the faces that define the self; whichever way you look at it.

So it was with great interest that I examined Jim’s proposal to use my masks for Life-Masks.  If aspects of life evoke masks, why shouldn’t masks evoke aspects of life?  I am very excited by this project.  I have matched, in my mind, the right masks to the aspects they come from (or closest to) and hope that they can evoke for you some material to reflect on."

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